heat pump maintenance in Washington, PA

Why Heat Pumps Require Maintenance Twice a Year

October 4, 2022

Cool and crisp autumn evenings and warm daytime weather mean that you’ll need both the heating and cooling functions of your heat pump. A heat pump both heats and cools your Washington, PA home, making it an ideal solution for indoor comfort. Let’s take a look at why heat pumps require professional maintenance performed by a qualified service technician twice a year.

Ensure Efficient Operation

Nobody wants to pay high electricity bills. According to the Department of Energy, keeping up with semi-annual heat pump maintenance reduces the unit’s energy consumption by 10% to 25%. This saves you money all year long, especially during the colder winter months of the year and the hot and humid summer season.

Reduce Wear and Tear

Because heat pumps cycle all year long, they experience more wear and tear than a furnace and an air conditioner. Scheduling heat pump maintenance twice a year ensures that the system has an ideal level of lubrication. Another heat pump component that experiences significant wear and tear is the contactor. This part delivers the high voltage that the unit needs to initiate a heating or cooling cycle. The technicians also check the heat pump’s settings and controls, including the reversing valve that allows the pump to switch between heating and cooling functions.

Prevent a Malfunction

Heat pumps offer long lifespans and consistent operation with routine heat pump maintenance. During a maintenance visit, technicians check for issues, including refrigerant leaks, bent fan blades, debris on coils, corroded electrical terminals, obstructed filters, and other issues that could trigger an equipment malfunction. They also clean the heat pump’s indoor and outdoor components. By removing debris, the technician promotes adequate air exchange and minimizes the risk of the heat pump’s motor overheating.

To learn more about why heat pumps need semi-annual maintenance, take a look at Bruno Plumbing & Heating’s heat pump maintenance services, or reach out to our qualified service technicians today.

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