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How to Make Your Heat Pump in Washington, PA Last Longer

March 29, 2022

You may need to use your heat pump every summer here in Washington, PA, but it won’t continue to run efficiently without some help. At the most, it may last 10 years before breaking down and leaving you with costly repairs. Follow the tips below, and you could make your heat pump last the 15 or 20 years that it’s meant to.

Regular Filter Replacement

Air filters are the first line of defense against debris, which could prevent the air handler’s operation and shorten its life span. But filters can only trap so much before they, too, become a source of stress on the system. Blocked airflow does no favors to the blower motor.

Prevent these issues by regularly changing the filter. If yours is the standard pleated filter, we recommend changing it every three months, and if pets or smokers live in your home, then you should do it even more frequently.

Compressor Cleaning

Your compressor outside gets a lot of dirt, dust, and foliage caught inside it, which can cause components to overheat and thus wear out sooner. Counteract this by gently washing the grill and cleaning the condenser coil inside. You can clean the coil with warm water and a soft cloth, while the coil fins will need a fin comb to loosen and remove the dirt.

Professional Maintenance

At one point or another, you’ll need to let a professional technician take over when it comes to the heat pump maintenance. Schedule a spring tune-up so that your system can work smoothly throughout the summer.

Call Our Highly Trained Technicians

For maintenance or an extensive AC repair in Washington, PA, get in touch with Bruno Plumbing & Heating. We offer a VIP service agreement that comes with a 10% repair discount and numerous other benefits.

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