clogged sewer line in Washington, PA

Why Does My Sewer Line Always Seem to Clog in Washington, PA?

March 23, 2021

Dealing with sewer line clogs is inherently difficult, especially when they keep recurring. Common indicators of clogged sewer lines include sewage backup, smelly odors, and gurgling noises. Here are the main reasons behind sewer line clogging in Washington, PA.

Tree Roots

Shrub and tree roots usually spread in search of rich water sources. Subsequently, the underground sewer line is highly susceptible to root invasion. Tree root infiltration is more prevalent during the dry winter.

Tree root invasion not only obstructs drainage but also causes severe structural damage. Consider planting your trees and shrubs far from the sewer lines. Expert plumbing services are necessary to correct infiltration.


Disposing of grease and fats down the drains is another notable reason for recurring sewer line clogs. Oils and grease coagulate within the drain, causing a sewer backup. Hot water doesn’t help to eliminate oil and grease buildup in the drains.

To protect your sewer line, consider using disposal cans to throw away grease and oil. Additionally, avoid washing down food items via the kitchen drain. Expert drain cleaning will come in handy to repair clogging arising from grease buildup.

Flushing Down Non-Flushable Products

Toilet drains should only get rid of human waste and toilet paper. Flushing down small items, including toys, eventually leads to massive clogging issues in the sewer lines. Other commodities that clog the toilet drains include plastic bags, pebbles, mud, and debris.

Structural Damage

Extensive damage on the sewer pipes often hinders water drainage. Ruptured, broken, or bent sewer pipes require immediate professional replacement.

If not corrected early, corroded sewer pipes can eventually collapse and possibly lead to extensive property damage. Broken or displaced seals on the pipe joints can also obstruct sewer line drainage.

Sagging Sewer Line

Sagging lines occur due to massive soil movements. Consequently, the sewer lines sink lower, resulting in debris accumulation. Routine maintenance is, therefore, vital to identify and replace sagging pipes before more damage arises.

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