Pilot Light in Washington, PA

Why Does My Pilot Light Keep Going Out?

November 30, 2021

You wake up in the morning only to discover that your Washington, PA, home is far too cold. You investigate your furnace, only to find that the pilot light is out again. While this is a frustrating situation to go through, below are five possible reasons why your pilot light keeps going out.

Airflow Issues

If you find that you have an easy time restarting your pilot light after it blows out during the night, you likely have a draft somewhere or a leak in the output duct in your furnace. To test for a leak in your output duct, open the air intake registers, which will clear the vacuum effect. If you discover a leak, it’s time to call a professional for your heating needs.

Dirty Components

Dirty furnace components are another thing that will cause your pilot light to go out. The dirt restricts the oxygen to your furnace, preventing the pilot light from functioning correctly. With your furnace off, use a wire brush or something similar to clean dust and debris away from the pilot light mouth.

You Have a Broken Gas Regulator

This issue will affect all of the gas appliances in your home, so if you have a problem with your gas stove and your furnace, this could be the issue. A broken gas regulator prevents your pilot light from getting the gas it needs to stay lit.

Dirty Air Filter

One reason you may have furnace issues is that you have a dirty air filter. This is one of the most straightforward solutions to fix, and dirty air filters also impact indoor air quality and increase the wear and tear on your system. Try starting your furnace again after changing the air filter but call a professional if that doesn’t solve the problem.

Don’t let an unreliable pilot light keep you in the cold this winter. Contact Bruno Plumbing & Heating today to have a professional provide maintenance for your HVAC system to prevent future problems.

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