AC size in Washington, PA

Signs Your AC Is the Wrong Size in Washington, PA

July 29, 2022

Your air conditioner can only cool your home efficiently in Washington, PA if a technician determined the right size for the home’s square footage during the design process. Bigger doesn’t mean better in the HVAC industry, and oversized or undersized ACs lead to many common problems. Here are a few signs that an AC is one or the other.

Long or Short Cycles

An undersized AC won’t have the power to cool your entire home and may run for longer than a typical 10- or 15-minute cycle. Conversely, an AC that’s too powerful for your home will cool rapidly and switch on and off continually. Ideally, your AC should only cycle two to three times an hour.

Uneven Cooling

These cycling issues will result in uneven cooling. The center of your home may feel cool enough, but the rooms farthest from the thermostat will be warmer.

High Humidity Levels

A properly functioning AC helps to dehumidify your home. You should take note if you feel that the home is more humid than usual. This could point to an oversized AC, which won’t run long enough to adequately dehumidify the house.

Frequent Repairs

Since unusually short and long cycles can wear out your AC prematurely, you may find yourself requesting three or four AC repairs a year. That’s an excessive amount, so treat it as one possible sign that your AC doesn’t fit your home. There’s no permanent solution to an improperly sized AC other than total replacement.

If you live in Washington and need a professional to handle your next AC installation project, contact Bruno Plumbing & Heating. Our family-owned and -operated company guarantees your 100% satisfaction with whatever we do. We provide clear, up-front pricing with no hidden fees, and the initial estimate for installation will be free of charge.

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