EasyWater no-salt water conditioner in Washington, PA

Learn About the EasyWater No-Salt Water Conditioner

September 22, 2023

Spots on dishes, dry and itchy skin, dingy-looking clothing — hard water impacts everything it touches. Whether sourced from a well or a municipal system, water picks up mineral deposits commonly known as limescale, as it flows into your home. Water conditioners offer solutions, but which type is best for you? Learn what makes the EasyWater no-salt water conditioner a great choice for preventing plumbing problems associated with hard water.

To Salt or Not to Salt?

The most common type of water conditioning system, salt-based conditioners use resin to exchange heavy minerals with sodium. The resin filter needs frequent recharging with salt to work effectively. While the level of sodium added to the water is considered safe for human health, it can cause concerns for people with low-sodium diets.

The EasyWater no-salt water conditioner takes a uniquely different approach. Instead of removing heavy minerals, it conditions the water to prevent them from building up in the first place. Using a technology called electronic scale control, it also helps remove mineral deposits from piping and water-using appliances.

Savings and Benefits

From your sinks, showers, and toilets to your outdoor sprinkling system, your quality of life at home depends on reliable plumbing. By removing and preventing hard water scale, the EasyWater no-salt water conditioner safeguards your wallet against the cost of plumbing repairs and replacements. Here are additional advantages you’ll enjoy.

  • Softer skin
  • Cleaner hair
  • Spot-free dishes
  • Fresher smelling clothing
  • Unclogged shower heads
  • Healthier lifestyle

Maintenance-Free Operation

Unlike other water softening systems, the EasyWater no-salt water conditioner is engineered to work well on its own. Since there are no filters to change or salt to add, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with routine maintenance.

Established in 1927, Bruno Plumbing & Heating provides professional installation services for water softeners throughout Washington, PA, and the surrounding communities. We’re proud to offer the very best in water-softening products. To learn more about the EasyWater no-salt water conditioner, call us today.

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