Allergies in Washington, PA

How to Use Your AC to Combat Allergies in Washington, PA

July 7, 2023

Whether you have seasonal or everyday allergies, using your AC can help. It prevents some of the particles that trigger your allergies from reaching you and also keeps you cool. This blog looks at how you can use your AC to battle allergies in Washington, PA.

Choose the Right Filter for Triggers

Allergy triggers range from pet hair and dander to dust and pollen. With the right filter, your AC will capture those triggers and keep them from spreading around your home. The best models have a MERV rating of 8 or higher.

Use Your Fan

Using your AC’s fan can help to boost your indoor air quality and combats your allergies. Running the fan with the windows and doors closed reduces the humidity level. Humid interiors will create a warm and dry environment that can attract common allergens.

Many allergens are water-soluble, which means they break down when exposed to water. When your Washington, PA home is too humid, those particles will hit the moisture in the air, break down, and spread to more areas. Running your fan to reduce the humidity helps cut down on those allergens.

Add an Air Purifier

Get more help from your AC when you add an air purifier, which comes in both portable designs you can move around and permanent models that purify your whole home. Air purifiers work with your filter to collect as many particles and pollutants from the air and help you breathe better. They filter the air several times every hour and only release clean air back into your home.

Combat your allergies this year with your AC. Our team can help you install an air purifier, choose the right filter, and make sure the fan works. Contact Bruno Plumbing & Heating to schedule any air conditioning services that will help you fight back against common Washington, PA allergens.

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