Heating System in Washington, PA

Find the Perfect Heating System Before It Freezes in Washington, PA

October 1, 2020

If you’re trying to find ihe perfect heating system before winter arrives in Washington, PA, we4 hope this guide will help. Read on to get information about different heating systems for your home and their installation requirements.

Our Main Home Heating Options

A furnace is a great choice if you need a system that can effectively heat up large spaces in your home. There are furnaces available that produce heat by burning oil, gas, or propane. When compared to other heating systems, furnaces are typically more effective in colder climates like ours.

Another potentially suitable heating option for a home is a heat pump. Because a heat pump uses refrigerant like an air conditioning system, it can also produce cool air when it’s warm outside.

Hybrid heating systems are a great option for homeowners in Washington, PA. They provide heat using both a heat pump and a furnace. These systems switch back and forth between the heat pump and the furnace automatically when the temperature hits a certain point. Hybrid heating systems offer the the efficiency of electric heat pumps combined with the raw power of a new furnace installation.

Power Sources and Methods of Distribution

One major consideration is the power source for the system that you want to buy. The system you choose for your home must use a power source that’s readily available.

In order to stay warm throughout the fall and winter, you’ll need to consider the distribution system. Central eating systems need registers and ducts, whereas ductless heating and cooling systems are self-contained devices that don’t require additional equipment or extensive renovations.

When you need help installing new heating equipment, contact Bruno Plumbing & Heating. Our skilled experts install furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, hybrid systems, and ductless units.

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