Thermostat Mistakes in McMurray, PA

Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes With Your Thermostat in McMurray, PA

March 16, 2023

A thermostat facilitates communication between yourself and your HVAC system. Using the device incorrectly may result in damage, high energy bills, and high repair costs. These are a few common thermostat mistakes you should avoid in McMurray, PA.

1. Opting for DIY Repairs and Unqualified Professionals

You may watch a few YouTube videos and feel confident about repairing your thermostat. Unfortunately, this is a dangerous approach because you may end up causing more damage to your device if you are not an HVAC professional. You may also cause harm to yourself since the device contains electrical components.

You may also think about engaging an individual you assume may know a thing or two about thermostats to work on your device. This is not wise, as you may bring more problems to your device and HVAC system. Always contact a professional technician to work on your thermostat.

2. Installing a Thermostat in an Inappropriate Location

A thermostat monitors your home’s temperature and prompts the HVAC system to raise or lower the temperature to your designated setting. Therefore, if the device is near your kitchen, doors, or windows, it will read different temperatures from the rest of your living space. Consequently, it will give incorrect instructions to your HVAC system.

It is advisable to install the device in a central place in your house. Also, install it at a height that toddlers cannot reach to ensure they don’t tamper with the settings.

3. Failing to Read the Manual

Your thermostat has a manual that provides instructions regarding how to use the device. The manual helps you understand how to avoid overburdening your HVAC system.

It also helps you understand how to create a new heating schedule, how to set target temperatures, and how to override the device. Failing to go through this manual may cause you to use the device inefficiently.

Contact Bruno Plumbing & Heating if you are looking for reliable HVAC services. Our technicians have worked on multiple HVAC units, proving they have the right experience to diagnose your system’s problems accurately.

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