Faulty Shower Diverter Valve in Washington, PA

3 Signs of a Faulty Shower Diverter Valve in Washington, PA

October 19, 2023

A combination bath and shower system has a diverter valve to allow you to move water between the spout and showerhead. No matter which type of diverter you have, it can wear out with use and cause shower issues. Watch out for these warning signs of a faulty shower diverter valve in Washington, PA.

1. Water Leaks

A faulty shower diverter can leak water onto the floor under your bathtub. You may see discoloration staining the ceiling below or notice unpleasant musty odors. A faulty valve could also leave water dripping in your tub, which might lead to premature drain rusting.

2. Difficulty Using the Shower

If you try to utilize a broken shower diverter, it could push water out of both your spout and the showerhead. The component may not be able to stay completely open or closed. You’ll also struggle with fluctuating temperatures and pressures. The three main types of shower valves are the three-valve diverter, two-valve diverter, and single-valve diverter.

The single-valve version is the most common option for residences. All shower valves can leak or corrode. Fortunately, a professional plumber will have no problem diagnosing this issue and offering high-quality repairs.

3. Loud Sounds Behind the Wall

A malfunctioning shower diverter may also bring about loud rattling or gurgling noises. Depending on the condition of the valve, your plumber could recommend replacing the whole tub spout. This is because the damage that caused your valve to fail, like old age or excessively hard water, might be irreversible.

Without a functioning shower valve diverter, you won’t be able to effectively use your shower. Ignoring this issue for too long could worsen the problem, causing more costly issues with your pipes, walls, or floors. Contact Bruno Plumbing & Heating to learn more about how our skilled specialists can repair your plumbing fixtures in Washington, PA.

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